CERC policy brief: What Canada gets right (and wrong) in economic pathways for displaced talent

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) is positioned to grow into one of Canada’s main responses to displacement with a set of changes announced in June. There’s a lot that Canada gets right in its approach to opening economic pathways to displaced talent under the pilot, but many things it can improve.

These areas are outlined in a new policy brief published by the Toronto Metropolitan University’s Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration, written by our Dana Wagner. 

At this turning point: Are we headed in the right direction? What displacement-related barriers remain? How do Canadian employers and displaced job seekers want this pathway to grow? The policy brief outlines the main changes to the pilot and recommends next steps for equity-based growth.

Here is a summary of recommendations: 

EMPP Federal Skills Job Offer Stream

  1. Require employers to be in good standing and offer the prevailing (median) wage, as basic safeguards for workers.
  2. Reduce the language requirements for jobs at all skill levels.

Broader economic stream (permanent and temporary pathways)

  1. Mainstream access across the economic stream, including permanent and temporary pathways, and improve processing times. 
  2. Accept alternatives for proof of language, such as an attestation from employers, and for proof of education, such as the World Education Services Gateway Program assessments.
  3. Invest in equitable access within talent pools, with a focus on improving access by women, those living in refugee camps or other remote areas, and those who are LGBTQ.
  4. Invest in a cluster approach to largescale recruitment and arrival support that promotes hiring 10+ candidates and effective settlement for them and their families.
  5. Adapt programming language to focus on talent and people rather than refugee situations.

Read more and see all policy briefs published by the CERC. 

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