There is immense talent within refugee populations. 

We are a non-profit talent sourcing partner helping employers source and relocate talent from within refugee populations.

Our vision is a world where refugees and displaced people can use their skills to secure their futures through equitable access to job and skilled visa opportunities.

As we grow the community of employers sourcing displaced talent and support policies that promote equitable access to Canada’s skilled visa pathways, skilled immigration will become an enduring part of the solution to the global refugee crisis.

Mohammed is a fullstack developer working and living in Kitchener, Ontario, with the procurement software firm Bonfire. Bonfire interviewed and hired Mohammed while he was living as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon. Mohammed had registered with the global non-profit Talent Beyond Boundaries, a TalentLift partner, eager to contribute his skills and grow his career. He had a bachelor’s degree in information technology but, like many refugees, Mohammed couldn’t legally work in Lebanon, get decent pay or treatment, or reach his full potential.

Today he’s a core part of an industry-leading team and has a secure future ahead.

What is displaced talent mobility? 

“Displaced talent mobility” means talented people moving for international work, to companies and communities in need of their skills, from refugee circumstances. Despite their skills and potential, people living as refugees in displacement have been historically excluded from the job and skilled visa opportunities that millions of people worldwide can access. That is changing because of the work of pioneering governments, international and civil society organizations, and employers.

Canada is at an historic moment for opening up a new route to safety for talented refugees through skilled immigration. In recent years, Canada has pioneered the Economic Mobility Pathways Project (EMPP), a world-first initiative to improve refugee access to Canada’s skilled visas, and in June 2020, the government set a target of 500 refugee principal applicants and their families moving on skilled visas to Canada over two years.

Displaced talent mobility is growing and Canada is leading the way.

Meet Kris, who was part of the pioneering hiring team with Bonfire, on the hiring process and the value to teams who welcome displaced peers.