Canada launches new EMPP immigration pathway

Abapi, right, is a Nurse originally from Cameroon who's relocating to join a healthcare team in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Posted June 2023

Canada is launching a new federal immigration pathway under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP), set to open on June 12. The new immigration pathway will make international recruitment from within refugee populations even more seamless for Canadian teams, who will have the support of partner NGOs like TalentLift.

TalentLift is among a select group of NGOs supporting the EMPP in partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

The new immigration pathway will:

  • Be open to all employers (outside Quebec)
  • Be open to all job positions, at all skill levels, located in all parts of the country (outside Quebec)
  • Be a single (one-step) application
  • Not require job ads, a labour market impact assessment (LMIA), or other proof of skills shortages from employers
  • Be processed in 6 months
  • Have no cap on applications

Previously, the EMPP left gaps that meant employers recruiting for certain roles, in certain geographies – and, in some cases, employers that didn’t meet stringent size or revenue requirements – didn’t have a viable visa pathway. Previous eligibility criteria also restricted which candidates could apply.

The new flexibility means even more Canadian hiring teams can participate and find talent through this impactful hiring strategy. Many more talented folks in displacement are also newly eligible, broadening the talent pool that is now accessible to Canadian teams.

How do hiring teams meet candidates? 

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