Guide on Redesigning the Tech Hiring Process to Include Displaced Talent

What’s in this guide?

This is a guide of ideas to make hiring onto tech teams work better for talented candidates living in refugee or displaced circumstances worldwide. It’s a resource for teams in Canada and beyond, for decision-makers and anyone who participates in recruitment. The goal is to enable displaced candidates to lift to their potential and enrich the companies and communities where they land.

This guide presents some of the challenges experienced by teams and candidates during the hiring process, and ideas to overcome them. The ideas range from smaller tweaks to larger redesigns towards a more inclusive hiring process. 

The insights and ideas are drawn from a co-design workshop series. The workshop convened six tech hiring teams across Canada, candidates who are currently living displaced, and supporting non-profit or training organizations with a goal to explore practical ways to better bridge job and relocation opportunities and the unique circumstances of displaced job seekers.

This guide is a collaboration by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Refugee Action Hub, Na’amal, TalentLift, the Tent Partnership for Refugees, and World Education Services, with sponsorship by World Education Services.