Ways to support people affected by earthquakes in Afghanistan

Several earthquakes hit northwestern Afghanistan on Saturday. More than 3,000 people have lost their lives and emergency rescue efforts continue.

The earthquakes and several aftershocks happened in mainly rural areas around the city of Herat, with the heaviest impacts in many villages that are difficult to reach.

Rescue efforts are further complicated by unstable relations between the Taliban government in Afghanistan and much of the international community. Since the Taliban took power in August 2021, there have been significant cuts in aid funds and a deterioration in healthcare services. There is limited equipment and expertise needed for rescue and recovery.

Many of the candidates we support, our team members and our partners have loved ones in Afghanistan. We’re thinking of them and all the people in Afghanistan affected by the disaster.

If you have the resources to donate to rescue and recovery efforts, here are a few options to consider: 

  • Islamic Relief Canada is operating in Herat providing health assistance and assessing other urgent needs. 
  • Farhad Darya (an Afghan singer, composer, music producer, and philanthropist) alongside Aryana Sayeed (an Afghan pop singer and songwriter) organized a GoFundMe campaign with donations channelled to 8AM Media, a non-profit arm of Hasht-e Subh Daily Newspaper, which will work in collaboration with other non-profits to disburse funds locally in and around Herat.
  • The World Food Programme has already prepared food parcels for 20,000 people and is preparing to reach up to 70,000 earthquake-affected people with food or cash.
  • The International Rescue Committee is coordinating with NGOs to provide immediate aid and medical care.

Please research the organization and campaign that seems right to you before giving.

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