Ways to support people affected by flooding in Libya

Severe flooding in Libya has caused an emergency in the northeastern city of Derna. More than 6,000 people have lost their lives and many thousands are still missing. 

Downpour and broken dams are among the main reported causes, and the weather event is considered worsened by climate change.

The disaster happens as the people of Libya and those living as refugees in the country face ongoing conflict and economic insecurity. For years, people in refugee situations from different parts of the world have crossed into Libya and sometimes onwards to sea on dangerous journeys to reach a more secure country. We’re thinking of them and everyone in Libya impacted by the disaster.

If you have the resources to donate, here are a few options to consider: 

  • The Canadian Red Cross is raising funds for immediate disaster relief and recovery. 
  • Islamic Relief Canada is raising funds to provide urgent food supplies, emergency shelter and basic essentials.
  • The World Food Programme is providing emergency meals and support to children and families affected by the floods, and is on the ground. 
  • Unicef is mobilizing life-saving supplies such as medical, hygiene, and essential clothing kits for children.

Please research the organization and campaign that seems right to you before giving.

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