TalentLift’s Rui Chen appointed advisor to new Law Society of Ontario Access to Innovation project

We are excited to share that Rui Chen, TalentLift’s founding Chief Technology Officer, will serve as an advisor to the Law Society of Ontario’s five-year project to explore innovative approaches to legal services delivery.

The Access to Innovation (“A2I”) project will allow the LSO to assess the potential benefits of novel legaltech services. It is likely to catalyze the creation of new forms of legal services delivery by creating a space for dialogue between service providers and the LSO. Enabled by technology and an adaptive regulatory body, these service providers can enhance access to justice by serving unmet legal needs. Legaltech has the potential to reduce costs, service non-traditional clients, and address new legal needs in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

As part of this pilot, the A2I advisory committee will work alongside participants and the LSO to create risk-based operation and reporting requirements, while discussing the future regulatory landscape of the legaltech industry. Rui will serve alongside leading experts in the legal, technology and legaltech space to steer the A2I project towards its goals. In addition, the advisory committee will review applications from potential participants, monitor outcomes, and make approval recommendations of service providers who apply to participate.

“The A2I pilot represents a huge step forward. I anticipate it will broaden the legaltech space tremendously, and create quality legal services delivery experiences that will improve access to justice,” said Rui. 

Rui is TalentLift’s Chief Technology Officer, an immigration lawyer, and the founder of an immigration SaaS form-filling platform, Sprintforms. He is also the technical advisor to the Junior Refugee & Immigration Lawyers Network, a peer mentorship association for immigration and refugee law professionals in Canada. 

See the news release on the project for a full list of advisory committee members.

TalentLift, the first organization of our kind registered as a Civil Society Organization with the LSO, is part of Canada’s growing legaltech ecosystem. We advance access to job and skilled immigration opportunities for talented candidates living in refugee circumstances globally. We’re eager to see the ecosystem grow and do our part to embed equity of access in tech-based legal services.

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